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>demanding $15/hr to flip burgers


Meanwhile people with actual jobs in skill trades etc some requiring a degree, are wishing they got 15 lmao

Following is the average hourly wage. Some get less pay, some more.

Assemblers and Fabricators:

Bus Drivers:

$11-15/hr for the bottom 15% or so of them

Construction Laborers:

Delivery Truck Drivers:

EMT’s and Paramedics:

Home Health Aides:

Security Guards:

Nursing Assistant and Orderlies:

Medical Assistants:

Preschool Teachers:

Pest Control:

You should see some of the jobs that pay just over $15/hr. Hazardous Waste Removers get $18/hr. For just $3 more dollars they deal with all kinds of nasty lethal and dangerous crap. Would rather flip burgers for $15/hr and get my raises in safety.

I can already see it now. People are forced to pay $15/hr while at the same time letting go some employees and raising prices of their products and services to compensate lmao.

Why not pay people $100/hr? Or $1,000? Or $1,000,000?

I dont mind getting paid a mil only to blow 50k on a hamburger.

And here is the machine that will replace every retarded burger flipper demanding $15/hr lmao

Click link above or HERE for the pic only

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